Monday, 19 February 2018

Lace shrinks too!

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Was clearing away yesterday’s mess on my desk, so I could do today’s blog, and the shrink plastic from yesterday beckoned to me again....

It occurred to me that perhaps we can shrink lace too...

So I got out the round Gelpress Petite and a couple of Archival ink pads, brayered some ink onto the round which is mounted on its little Megamount,

then placed the lace swatch over the shrink plastic sheet, 
and press the inky plate down onto the lace directly. 

So the question is, will the lace lose its detail when we shrink it?

Drew round a pot with a thick pen and a thin pen, to see which one was better (thin)

and cut the rounds out with scissors.
Punched holes into them with my croc, 
just because they will be more useful that way,

and then shrank them with a heat gun.
Where’s Dean Wilson when you need him?!?

I prefer the lighter one, so I’ll just carry on with that one.

See how much it has shrunk? Brilliant

Just in case you’re not into shrink, look: 
here’s the lace printed onto a little card tag.

This side’s done as on the shrink,

the other side’s done by just flipping the tag over, and placing the Gelpress Petite back down on it, to print off what was left on it from the original print. 

Very very cool.

Found an old earring loop and added a bead.

What impresses me is that the detail of the lace is not compromised in the least - even when it’s shrunk so radically.
If anything, it gets sharper.

Time to stop for the day.
Here are the links to the ingredients I used:

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