Monday, 26 June 2017

The Morning after....

Hi there.
Thanks for joining me.
It’s Monday; Dave and I are still hanging out in the caravan,
eating pizza, listening to the festival radio, Worthy FM, and hanging on to the last strands of a crazy, wonderful week.

How did yesterday go?
What did we do? Who did we see?
It all rolls into one great long procession of sights, smells and sounds. 
The weather was lovely, and there seemed to be more people than ever. We fled to the upper fields, away from the madness. We did venture down to see The Rag n Bone Man, but it was gridlock around The Other Stage where he was performing.
So we turned on our heels and left them to it.

The Green Fields, The Craft Fields, The Healing Fields, The Stone Circle, The Park.
These areas are so much more Love and Peace man!
It’s about letting the loud traffic pass you by, not getting caught up in the river of noise, booze and drugs. I found a perfect retreat...

We listened to a couple of very cool people in The Park:
Lisa Hannigan and Nick Mulvey.
Both very talented and easy on the ear.
So we lay in the sunshine on the grass and let the breeze carry the music over us. I think if there was a moment when we finally understood what a festival can do for you, it was then. 

But we couldn’t leave without saying hi to Ed Sheeran on the main stage, The Pyramid.
He was immense. One young lad with nothing but a guitar and a loop pedal, and a blimming great effects team.
You had to be there.
I knew a few of the songs, but all the many thousands of young kids around us knew all the lyrics - word perfect (around 180,000 were there).  And they sang their hearts out with a conviction which was both touching and humbling.
You know, we sometimes look at the youth of today, and say they are lost. All they do is play games and text. Well, I beg to differ.
You had to be there, to see all these blokes and young girls with tattoos and glittery faces, just singing every heartfelt song with such passion and meaning. His lyrics spoke to everyone.
It is the way of today. It may not be our old way, but they are very passionate about what they believe too. They’re anything but indifferent.

We hummed along!
Don’t think for a minute that we were at the back! When I turned around there were many thousands more behind us. 

So that’s it for another two years. No Glastonbury next year; it’s a fallow year. Gives the fields and the area a chance to recover.
And us!!!

Just wondering how I’m going to get this new chair in the boot!

Love & Peace,
Spotty Barb